Deluxe Foodie Vacation Planning Blueprint

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This blueprint is best for those on the Deluxe Dining Plan, or want to sit-down meal for both lunch and dinner almost every day. This is a very food heavy itinerary and has as much if not more of an emphasis on meals than parks. It is best for experienced Disney goers who may just want to hit the parks for headliners, and then spend the rest of vacation enjoying elegant meals. Cocktail hour suggestions are included throughout the itinerary as well.

  • Seniors, honeymooners, and adults-only parties who are wine and diners and want the best meals Disney has to offer, and are not on budgets (most restaurants in this blueprint have $40+ entrees for dinner)
  • Are Disney experienced and just need 6 hours or less in the parks each day, just want to hit selective attractions
  • Adults with children who would like to break for both character meals and signature restaurants will also benefit from this blueprint – which means you’re comfortable taking the kiddos to upscale restaurants

These blueprints include only table-service recommendations outside of a few QS meals and the Snack Charts. There is little focus on nighttime shows or attractions in the evening hours.

This blueprint includes two days at the Magic Kingdom and one day at all other parks, as well as a bonus day blueprint for break day/resort activities and a Disney Springs Food Crawl (or a 2nd repeat park). Snack Charts and Signature dining recommendations are included almost daily.

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2 reviews for Deluxe Foodie Vacation Planning Blueprint

  1. Brooke B.

    Love all the plans on this site. Simple and not overwhelming!!

  2. Rebecca

    There is a wealth of information here that will help take some of the stress out of planning for your Disney foodie trip. Especially for those with the dining plan that are looking to get the most bang for their dining credit buck. It clearly tells you what is a good use of the credits, which is huge if you don’t have time to sit and look through every restaurant menu in Disney. If you’re on a budget, then buy the budget foodie blueprint instead. Or buy both for when you plan your next trip 😉

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