Park Hopper Vacation Planning Blueprint

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This blueprint is best for those who have a park hopper option and fit any of the following vacation styles:

  • Enjoy breaking up the day with two different parks to take advantage of different dining options, timing crowds better and having the flexibility
  • Want to be at all four parks multiple times, both during the day and at night
  • Those who want to do as much as possible attraction wise

These blueprints are mainly themed for families, adults, and anyone who wants the flexibility of visiting the parks multiple times and in the most efficient way possible.

They include both quick-service and table-service options for every meal of the day, so it’s up to you for how much or little you want to do as far as attractions.

The blueprint includes a minimum of two visits to each park, both during day and night hours to take advantage of the morning time and be able to experience all nighttime shows or have dinner in other parks. Also included is a bonus day blueprint for break day/resort activities and Disney Springs.

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1 review for Park Hopper Vacation Planning Blueprint

  1. Tricia Salyers

    So incredibly helpful! We’ve never been to WDW so trying to plan on my own was overwhelming. This took all of the stress away. Thanks, Ali.

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