How To Dominate Your DIY Disney Vacation Planning

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Whether you’re a WDW newbie or regular!  


Get access to one themed Planning Blueprint ($9.99) or the entire Bundle ($20) and start expert planning today!

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Planning a Disney World trip can be complicated, but…it’s also kind of the fun part, right? 

You may know the basics. Book your FastPasses and avoid the really busy days. Make a few dining reservations and evaluate the dining plan. Check out an itinerary or two or five on some blog. You got this…

The issue? No matter how much snack pic stalking you’ve done on Instagram or FastPass facts you’ve compiled – you’ve still got questions. Logistics. Best value. Making it all count.

And while you’ve exposed yourself to a ton of information…

There are so many experiences, so many meals, and so many good times to be had at Disney.

But you simply cannot do them all in one trip.

You’ve Googled and Pinterested and joined a Facebook Group or five.

But come the 348th hour of your planning, even though you’re confident…the “what ifs” (ehrr, neurosis) kick in.

It Happens!

The planning process can be one of the best parts of the trip for a lot of us. We could even put a lot of it in that “good stress” category. It SHOULD be enjoyable. 

You think you’ve done all the research, and you’re feeling good.’s a lot of scattered information.

What’s REALLY the most effective and efficient way to do all of this? 

You’re on overload. Or, you’re starting to get curious about what you may not actually know.

“OMG, a secret lounge and menu? What ELSE don’t I know about?! Well, rat’s rear! I thought I knew it ALL!” And if you don’t have dozens of trips under your belt, this is pretty normal!

We can hear what you’re thinking:

“I know a lot of this already. And there’s so many websites with FREE information!”

The problem is… it’s all over the place. And not all accurate.

So much information is not expert information, or at least not the most efficient.

There are annoying ads EVERYWHERE.

And there’s sometimes just TOO much information, and it’s overcomplicated instead of simple (which it can be!).

You value your time and know that time is money.


We put it all in one, stylish place for you.

With no pop-up ads. 

Imagine knowing the best information, with enough options to still make your OWN choice.

Being able to quickly make a decision on what to skip, and what your vacation must-dos are.


“Choose Your Own Adventure” Planning Blueprints!

For our fellow Disney goers who love the DIY planning process and just want a methodical approach with expert guidance!

Perfect for those planning enthusiasts who still want some control and choice – but only from the top-rated options.

We’ll show you what an entire effective vacation looks like – not just one day!

You’ll Be Able To:

Design your DIY best Disney vacation plan yet in an organized and stylish manner (without the fuss of sorting through dozens of ad-ridden blogs and subjective information)
Optimize your overall dining and snacking plans (so you don’t have to miss out on the best quality, value, OR experience)
Avoid mistakes that cost you time and money (and time IS money – especially on this vacation!)
Enhance any of your current plans with pro tips and hidden gems (discover the best options you didn’t even know existed!)

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What’s Inside Each Planning Blueprint:

Blueprints are long-form, stylish itineraries of an ideal vacation at Disney World.

Each individual blueprint is around ~25 pages and provides the framework for optimal overall touring. 

There are eight themed Blueprints so you can choose the right one for you!

Most days include 4-5 pages of “best of” charts and scenarios to choose from, with each day consisting of:

“Best of” Dining Charts

✔  The top-rated options for every meal each day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, SNACKS)

✔  The best quick-service and table-service meals options for meals

✔  Indicator of top credit uses for the dining plan as well as poor ones – so you’re not losing money on the dining plan!

✔  Most popular items at that location so you don’t miss anything

✔  Suggestions for meals at a resort when the quality, experience, and credit use is better

*If you haven’t yet decided on the Disney Dining Plan, these Blueprints will give you a good idea if it’ll be right for you or not!

FastPass Priority Charts

✔  Top FastPasses you need to book 

✔  Which times to book based on your arrival time

✔  How to best choose from the Tiers

✔  Alternatives and strategies for those with 30 or 60-day booking

✔  Alternatives for younger ones not meeting height requirements

✔  Strategies to get you on the rides you didn’t get FastPasses for

…and so much more! :


Strategies on how to tour the park and prioritize attraction order – skip the lines and crowds, please!

Best Viewing Spots

Expert nighttime show and firework viewing spots with suggested arrival times so you don’t waste precious park time standing around (but still get a great spot!)

Transport Tips

Best strategies for transportation around the World so you’re getting around as efficiently as possible without the confusion

Hidden Gems

Top “hidden gem” break spots right outside of the park – for those who may not want to travel back to the resort for an afternoon break but want a little R&R

Anytime Attractions Master List

Anytime Attractions list with best age categories for all four parks – you’ll know what to do whether waiting for that next FastPass or needing a seat in the air-conditioning 😉

EPCOT Charts

EPCOT World Showcase top experiences chart so you don’t miss any action

Time Recs

Suggested time frames for when to arrive at the park, when to take breaks, when to park hop, etc. – figure out what will work for your situation

Nighttime Attractions

Best attractions to experience at night  – for us night people!

Early Morning and Late Night Strategy

Rope drop strategy and alternatives to rope drop – hey, there are winning strategies for both early birds and sleepers

Best Snacks

Dessert and snack recommendations – you’ll be shovin’ only the good stuff down yer gullet

Resort Hopping

Resort hopping activity charts – tour those beautiful resorts like the pro you are

happy peeps:

Sounds Great! What Else Do I Need To Know?

All Blueprints include a total of six days including (one bonus day with the option of Disney Springs, Resort Hopping, or adding another park day!). No worries if your trip is a different duration – you’ll find them helpful whether you’re going for two days or ten days!

Blueprints are planned with the parks in a certain order to conserve energy and give you an idea of a solid overall structure for how to layout your vacation days. However, these days can absolutely be switched and moved around!

With our daily dining, FastPass, attraction charts and more themed for you personally, you’ll have the “best of” Disney World options but still get to customize your final plans. Expertly crafted but still flexible for you.

Our Planning Blueprints are digital PDF files that you can download for instant access. All blueprints come with a Planning Worksheet that you may print or edit digitally, so you can finalize your top picks in one place.

Choose Your Own Adventure, “best of” Disney Style!

Happy Planner’s Guarantee

We want you to be able to try the Blueprints out for yourself and be excited about them – even you WDW regular visitors that know a thing or two.

We guarantee that the purchase price of your Blueprints will pay itself back in time and money saved from our expert advice within the plans. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Blueprints, let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase 

You don’t need thirty more ideas for your trip.

You need the BEST information and the BEST strategies in one place, so you feel confident about your plans.

Don’t waste unnecessary time or money on your not-so-cheap vacation!

happy peeps:

“Choose Your Own Adventure”

Planning Blueprints

Best of Dining and Meal Charts and Planners (Value $10)

FastPass Advice and Priority Charts (Value $10)

Pro Tip Scattered E-Book Secrets (Value $20)

Anytime Attractions Master List (Value $5)

Expert Break Spots and Resort Hopping Charts (Value $7)

Viewing spots, transportation, and more strategies (Value $10)

…and tons more insider advice!

Total Value: $62

Today’s Price…

Blueprints FAQ

What if I’ve already made all or some of my FastPass and dining reservations, or planned a lot?
No worries! You’ll still find all of the information helpful – and you may even change your mind on some of your reservations and change them around (doable). We have a lot of customers who purchase even though they’re plans are set. They report that the Pro Tips alone were worth it!
I’m at Disney a lot, at least once a year. Will I learn anything new?
More than likely – especially with one of the more themed and niche Blueprints (like Foodie or Adult). If you’ve been less than 30 times, we say yes, you’ll learn new tips and ideas. And if you don’t, we have a money-back guarantee for this reason.
I think I want to peek at more than one, and I see the All Access bundle is only the price of two. Is this correct?! Why is it so cheap to receive all eight Blueprints?
Yes – and we price the bundle lower because there is some overlap in the Blueprints. These are “best of” Blueprints, so many things will be repeated throughout multiple Blueprints as we don’t stray from the top options or money-saving advice. You’ll still get very different overall feels in each theme though – the All Access Bundle is our #1 seller.
I’m not going to Disney for months (or years) from now. When should I purchase these?
We typically make annual revisions and updates to the guides each fall (sometimes more often), so it’s more to your benefit to buy within the year you’ll go on your trip. Surprisingly though, most Disney changes like attraction additions don’t affect much when it comes to an overall vacation. Changes will typically affect less than 2% of the information in the Blueprints. The most recent update to the Blueprints was September 2019.
Is there a discount or package to buy BOTH the Blueprints and the Insider’s Guide?
Yes! If you purchase the Insider’s Guide which is our #1 product, you’ll receive the Blueprints bundle for just $10 more (50% off!). Click here to see this Bundle.
What are the differences between all of the themed Blueprints?
For more details on each theme and if it’s right for you, click that Blueprint. Our All Access bundle is our #1 seller, with the Classic Blueprint being next (one park per day, with both adults and children in the group). Adult and Foodie themes are the best sellers after that.
How will I access my Blueprints once purchased - are they digital?
Yes, everything is digital and in PDF format. You’ll receive an email with access to all Blueprints and instructions immediately after purchase.
Do these work for Disneyland in California?
These are currently specifically for Disney World. But after high demand, we’re in the process of creating Disneyland Blueprints to launch in the summer of 2020!
Which one should I buy?
We priced the All Access Bundle low for the people that want to peek at more than just one, so if you’re on the fence, we recommend grabbing the All Access Bundle. If you just want one, the Classic or Park Hopper are the most traditional options, and you can get more information by clicking each individual Blueprint!
I’m busy. Do these require a lot of work?
Nope – you can plan away for hours if you’d like, or you could leave for your trip and just follow these page by page once there and have a successful trip. The amount of time you want to put into them is up to you.
I’m going with a large group. Can these plans still be used?
Yes, absolutely. The plans won’t change based on headcount.
I’m going on a special trip - like a honeymoon, bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary, etc. - what plan should I pick if I want to do just one?
Adult trips with no kids should consider the Adult or Foodie themes. If you enjoy your adult beverages on vacations, we suggest the Adult theme. It has a strong focused on bars/lounges, happy hours, and restaurants with great drink lists, etc. If you’re planning an Adult trip and are focused on good dining experiences, go for one of the Foodie themes.
I want some flexibility. Do I have to follow the Blueprints to a tee or will they boss me around?!
No! First, they aren’t step by step itineraries. With the current FastPass system at Disney, you shouldn’t be following step by step itineraries anymore outside of the few first hours of park opening if you truly want to skip the lines. That style of touring is outdated and actually not the most efficient option anymore. And, our Blueprints aren’t for just specific park touring strategies (that info is in the Insider’s Guide). The Blueprints give more ideas for your overall vacation – meals, shows, resort hopping, break day ideas, etc.
I’ve done a ton of research and I plan a ton. Will this still help me?
Yes! Previous purchasers say that it helps to sharpen and enhance their current plans. You may even see that some of your current plans aren’t the most effective options and want to change them, and we give suggestions on that.
I’ve already bought your Insider’s Guide (w/Line Hacks!). Will this still help me?
The Insider’s Guide and the hacks are for sure our #1 recommended option for anyone headed to Disney. The Blueprints were designed for those who do enjoy the planning process and want even more ideas when it comes to meals, resorts, shows, Disney Springs, etc.
How is this different than the Insider’s Guide?
Insider’s Guide is very in-depth tutorials and tools on strategy – how to beat lines, navigate the parks, get organized, get any dining reservation, etc. It’s very specific and process-oriented content. The Planning Blueprints are lots of ideas, packed into charts and tips into a long-form itinerary. For example, the Blueprints will tell you the top three meals for table-service or quick-service lunch at the Magic Kingdom including the most popular items to order. The Insider’s Guide will show you exactly how to score or change a reservation if you didn’t yet get one. If you’re going purchase just one thing, get the Insider’s Guide.
I’m a newbie and haven’t done any planning yet. Can I still use this?
Absolutely! You’ll learn a ton, very quickly. Also, you won’t learn anything extraneous that you don’t need to know on your trip. The Blueprints are the perfect planning tool for beginners who want everything in one, organized place.
What about when there’s updates or new things at Disney World?
We make annual revisions and updates to the guides usually each fall, so it’s more to your benefit to buy within the year you’ll go on your trip. Surprisingly though, most Disney changes like attraction additions don’t affect much when it comes to an overall vacation. Changes will typically affect less than 2% of the information in the Blueprints.  Our Insider’s Guide, however, is updated with new strategies when there are major changes at the parks.
Can I access them without the internet?
Yes! Our Blueprints come in PDF form. Once downloaded, they can be viewed regardless of an internet connection.
Do they include any type of planner or worksheet to help sort out my top picks?
Yep! We include our Daily Planner where you can list out and finalize your top choices for each day of your trip. The Planner can be printed or edited digitally.
How much time or money can I save with this?
It varies, but it can be a lot more than you think. Anyone using our Blueprints and/or Insider’s Guide will save anywhere from 2-6 hours a day not being in lines. You’ll likely save money when you see what “wastes” of credits are if on the dining plan, or save money when you see how delicious some snacks sound and eating those vs paying for a sit-down or quick-service meal!
How are all of the Blueprints made and all of the “best” picks and charts decided?
Good question. We are huge data/statistic and finance nerds and have been analyzing Disney lines, prices, and more for over 15 years. We’re at the parks dozens of times per year sampling food, restaurants, resorts, and more. We don’t have any association or compensation from Disney or anyone – we’re unbiased critics. So our reviews are unbiased and brutally honest – and we’re people that respect the value of a dollar and know you do too. We’re here to find ways to max out the value of both time and money, and we bring it all to you.
How do I receive the Blueprints? How long are they good for?
You’ll receive access immediately via email after your purchase. You’ll have the access to download them for a year, but once downloaded, they’re yours to keep forever!
My group includes people with disabilities. Will the plans still be applicable?
Yes, absolutely. Using the Disability Access Service is recommended and will give you a bit more ease when at the parks. Otherwise, Disney is incredibly accommodating and most of our suggestions will reflect that. Our viewing spots for shows tend to be more chill than most publicly recommended spots too – we have a lot of readers that report our suggestions really helped with any type of social anxieties.

Are you ready to design and fine-tune your best vacation plans yet?

We’re tired of poor planning advice that wastes your dining credits or has you waiting in the same crowded fireworks spot for an hour losing park time. And all of the planning you “must” figure out, just to end up scratching your head if it’s really going to be what you will actually enjoy

We’re here to make your planning more fun AND efficient at the same time. Let us break down the “best of” Disney World for you – while you get to Choose Your Own Adventure and gain the security of knowing you’ll be maxing out your time, value, and memories on your future trips. 

xx, Ali

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“Choose Your Own Adventure”

Planning Blueprints

Best of Dining and Meal Charts and Planners (Value $10)

FastPass Advice and Priority Charts (Value $10)

Pro Tip Scattered E-Book Secrets (Value $20)

Anytime Attractions Master List (Value $5)

Expert Break Spots and Resort Hopping Charts (Value $7)

Viewing spots, transportation, and more strategies (Value $10)

…and tons more insider advice!

Total Value: $62

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