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The Wish Upon a Planner VIP Membership option unlocks exclusive insider access and benefits for everyone from the planning maximalist to the diehard Disney lifestylers!

what you don’t need more of when trying to plan an efficient vacation:

   annoying clickbait or ads

   unhinged Facebook Groups (full of wrong answers)

   sparkly Influencers selfies

   stress when trying to plan a freaking VACATION!


You’ve got The Insider’s Guide. You read Listletter. You know we’ve got your back!

So from your friends at Wish Upon a Planner, we introduce our VIP Membership

for the extra planning magic you’re craving!

Our Private VIP Facebook Group

Access to the private VIP group full of experts and dope humans for quick answers and help with those questions Googling isn’t answering – so that you’re not getting straight-up wrong advice!

The Pixie Dust Dose™*

Receive a text or email (your choice) every other day with a new Disney tip, trick, or hack to use on your vacation. It’s pretty amazing.

Secret Stories Access

Bonus, secret Instagram Stories when Ali is at the parks – including real-time vs. posted waits, park strategy, etc….whatever hot tips & tricks we don’t want to share with the general public! 😉

    Exclusive Content Vault – WEEKLY Offerings!

    New and regular content drops (like a private blog) of anything Ali wants to share that doesn’t necessarily fit in The Insider’s Guide modules – including all of the author’s trip reports, money-saving travel hacks, etc.

    Members receive access to the entire vault immediately, including all past drops

    Foolish Mortals and Happily Ever After Peeps?

    Even more perks and 1:1 access to Ali offered in our higher tiers – get your vacation plans reviewed, get exclusive discounts, and even test out snacks for us, on our dime. Heyooooo!

    Basically, all of the extra magic without any of the stress or overload. Or sparkly Influencer photos – just solid information and an amazing community that has your back.

    View the exclusive benefits and select a tier below to get started:

    Frequently Asked Questions about the VIP Membership

    How is the VIP Membership different from The Insider’s Strategy Guide?

    The Insider’s Guide is just that – a digital guidebook/course with Modules reviewing, optimizing and strategizing for your vacation. If you don’t have it yet, we highly recommend getting that first, before becoming a VIP member. 

    Can I change or cancel my membership easily?

    It is easy to cancel your membership at any time with a simple click – and you are welcome back anytime. If you love Disney, our annual paid in full option does offer a heavy discount and does not auto-renew. 

    What if I want to change tiers – decrease or increase?

    Changing Tiers is easy and any payment you have already made, whether for the month or paid-in-full, will work as a prorated credit of the actual dollar value towards your downgrade or upgrade.

    What if I pay in full for an Annual and then decide I don’t want it?

    The paid-in-full discount is offered for the purpose of the full commitment. If you are not sure if you want a full year, we strongly advise the monthly. If you want to cancel a membership paid in full, you would be refunded any leftover portion of the full monthly price x the used duration of your membership. 

    What if I decide I don’t like it? Is there a trial?

    There are no refunds or trial periods; if you decide you do not want to be a member anymore, you simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged again.

    If I just want to try a month but love it and want the annual discount, can I upgrade?

    Yes, of course. You’ll just change the option in your account and you’re all set – however much you’ve already paid will be deducted from the annual cost.

    hear it from the happy members: