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We all know planning and anticipating a Disney trip is half the fun. But…

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  • Planning a vacation nowadays can feel as complicated as quantum mechanics. It’s difficult to keep up with the latest information and changes, especially with so many things being time-sensitive.
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  • Questions come up that just can’t be Googled quickly (or accurately). So you head to one of the hundreds of free “Disney Planning Facebook Groups!”. Only to discover: unhinged people flying off the handle AND/OR straight up sh*tty advice. Fun fun.  :/
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  • Disney planning is almost recreational for you – the more crazy details, the better. The big news outlets and blogger headlines are helpful, but the juicy stuff like the latest actual wait times and best Cavalcade viewing spots are what you prefer to copy & paste to that planning spreadsheet of yours.

Whether that trip is right around the corner – or your planning is just a full-time guilty pleasure hobby because #cantstopwontstop – we understand.

So if you’ve been hanging with us during our trips on Instagram or crushin’ your vacay plans with the Insider’s Guide

When it comes to planning the most strategic vacation yet, you know we’ve got your back.

So from your friends at Wish Upon a Planner, we introduce:

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  Gain instant access to the greatest planning group on the web – so you don’t have to deal with straight-up wrong advice (or…weirdos)


  Mayyyybe even follow the lead of our other members who have learned the real secret: how to go to Disney more often because our community has made them next-level strategic with their time and money. And their families (even grumpy spouses!) now enjoy the magic as much as they do. 

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Secret Instagram Stories from the Parks

My Instagram Stories on research trips are pretttty famous*. We hit the parks every 4-8 weeks ourselves, and whatever hot tips & tricks we don’t want to share with the general public are reserved for our VIP members



  • Dozens (if not hundreds) of bonus content Stories when we’re on our trips – including real-time vs. posted waits, park strategy, etc. 
  • Be in the parks with us – even our non-Instagramy peeps say this is one of their favorite benefits because it’s the closest thing to feeling like they’re at Disney when they can’t be.
  • Visual learners rejoice – see all the things you can be doing, eating, and planning for during your next trip. Members actually tell us they take notes from our secret Stories!

Members-Only Content Vault

Members will receive instant access to a private content vault that includes everything from Trip Reports to Mini-Guides. Just like our Instagram Stories, this is where we drop new and regular content created exclusively for VIPers. When something calls for new content, we add it here!

  • Scour the Vault for new food ideas and restaurant reviews, hotel booking hacks, EPCOT Festival strategies, and so much more.


  • Members receive access to the entire vault immediately -including all past drops.

The Pixie Dust Dose™* – NEW!

Receive a text or email (your choice) every other day with a new Disney tip, trick, or hack to use on your vacation. It’s pretty amazing.


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  • It’s like a lil’ Disney dopamine hit to keep you dreaming of the parks when you can’t be there!



*available to Foolish Mortal and Happily Ever After tiers

Our Private VIP Facebook Group

Get access to the private VIP group full of experts and dope humans for quick answers and help with those questions Googling isn’t answering.

  • Hear first-hand reports of what to do (and what NOT to do) for those anxiety-ridden moments like getting a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group.


  • A smaller, cozier group means getting expert info that others aren’t seeing. And your questions don’t get lost


  • 1:1 Ask Me Anythings with Ali – so you can get your complicated planning questions answered.



  • Hear updates and news posts so you know exactly what changes to expect or when to snag that reservation for your next trip – without the fuss.

Basically, all of the extra magic without any of the stress or overload.

Just solid information and an amazing community that has your back.

No Minimum Monthly Commitment. If it’s not your jam, simply cancel. We’ll still be friends!

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How is the VIP Membership different from The Insider’s Strategy Guide?

The Insider’s Guide is a digital guidebook/course with Modules that teach you strategy – how to beat the lines, get those difficult dining reservations you may have missed, and so much more. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll want to grab that as well!

Our membership is for people that want even more tips & tricks, want to be on the inside of the latest changes, and access to our private FB group and other channels. And, anyone who just wants to be dreaming of the Disney Parks all the time – or, like us, is diagnosed with a permanent WDW-planaholic condition.


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It is easy to cancel your membership at any time with a simple click – and you are welcome back anytime. You can also change tiers at any time and your balance will automatically prorate.

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Changing Tiers is easy and any payment you have already made will work as a prorated credit of the actual dollar value towards your downgrade or upgrade.

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There are no refunds or trial periods; if you decide you do not want to be a member anymore, you simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged again.

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We all know that snack planning and tip stockpiling is maybe just as fun as the trip itself 😉


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